Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perfect Match...

This was written several weeks ago, but never uploaded. It is kind of long, but I hope you will take the time to read it.

God continues to bless me richly here in Haiti. When I first came to visit Haiti in March of 2007, there were three little boys still living at the girl's house where I was staying. Likendley (my sponsor child who I adore,) Papouche (a mischievous, but so easy to love little boy,) and Anelson (Papouche's younger brother who had enough energy for the whole house.) I instantly fell in love with all three of them. Every night, we would go upstairs while the girl's were showering to color and just hang out. It was hard to leave them, but I knew in my heart, I would be back.

So, the next two times I came, I didn't stay where the three boys were staying, but I still saw them every day. My fourth time to Haiti, I was able to stay at the little boy's house for close to a month, and boy did we have fun! Don't get me wrong, there was some tough love thrown into that fun, but all in all, it was just amazing! I recall a day where I was sitting on the porch area watching all the boys play outside when Anelson asked to come on the porch with me to catch mosquitoes from biting me. Likendley and Papouche quickly followed. They were swatting at flies with cardboard from dog bone boxes. Every time they got one more mosquito, they would come over and hold up their fingers giving me their tally. I have probably never laughed at three boys so much than on that day.

I anticipated seeing the three boys when I came back in February. Caring for Jean most of the day, does not allow for a ton of "free" time (although, I wouldn't change this for the world.) A couple weeks into being here and taking care of adorable Jean, I noticed that Anelson was drawing close to Jean. Some of the other children will come see Jean for a few minutes, but Anelson will stay for at least a hour at a time. One day Jean was sleeping on a mattress, and Anelson came over, laid next to him, held his hand, and stayed like that for 45 minutes until Jean woke up! He then preceded to tell me that Jean was thirsty and that he would give him a bottle. When the bottle was half way done, he said to me, (with a huge smile) "Look, Mami Heather, I knew he needed drink." Anelson helps with bath time for Jean (which isn't the easiest task,) and he entertains the little guy while I prepare dinner for Jean.

Every time I look into Anelson's eyes when he is with Jean, I see pure love. I get this peace in my own heart when seeing the two together. Jean really does respond to Anelson's touch and presence. God has really out done Himself here. A 9 year old boy's love a 6 year old special needs child melts me to pieces. You would think Anelson would prefer to run around on the playground or play soccer with the other children, but when I tell him, "you know you don't have to stay with Jean if you would rather play?" He always responds, "No, I stay here with him and help you take care of Jean." It truly is one of the sweetest things I've witnessed while being in Haiti. The relationship between the two boys is a blessing to both of them, and to me too! It amazes me how the Lord takes care of ALL needs. I had been praying for Jean to have more interaction with the other kids, and here He provided just that and MORE! What a great God we serve!

Peace from Haiti,


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Celebrating Life!

This blog was written on Saturday, March 27th. I am just getting to post it!

This week has been filled with much joy and blessing. Cupcakes were made, presents were put together, and balloons decorated the "party rooms." Birthdays for twenty-two precious children and one mother were celebrated. One boy, Richard, who was turning fourteen told a missionary, Karris, that is was his first birthday party ever! It brought me so much happiness to be celebrating this special memory with him.

Friday, two amazing women came to Danita's Children to see Emmanie and Jean. One woman was a doctor and the other a nurse that dedicated time in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake. They treated Emmanie for her broken demur and other injuries as a result of the earthquake and they helped save Jean's life when his mother brought him into the make shift clinic. He was limp and dying before their eyes, but they managed to get fluids in him and he started respondinig to touch. The doctor quickly realized that he had cerebral palsy, and she diagnosed and treated his pneumonia. I was delighted to show them Jean now, and being able to thank them personally for their dedication and love was quite the honor.

Friday night, I had four boys from the little boy's house come over for a sleepover. We all had a great time. They ate chips and M&Ms on the roof of the mission house, played ping pong, and we even skyped my best friend, Andrea as well as my mom. They were all so excited to come over and have some fun individual time. I had a blast as well.

This week God really shared the gift of life with me. Life is to be celebrated, and this week I did just that. I thank the Lord for my life every day, and am reminded daily to give it all over to Him. His direction is always best, and trusting in that gives me great peace.

Love in Christ,