Thursday, March 21, 2013

Training Advocates...

Papito and I are getting anxious to get Footprints of the Son started with foster children, a more established outreach program, and a special needs activity center functioning out of our home but that is all a process.  We are happy to say the process has definitely started and we are moving forward!  Praise God!

So where is our focus now?  Besides fixing stuff around the house, getting furniture made to accommodate the needs, advocacy, communications, and paperwork…we are focusing on training two young men who will play vital roles in the ministry, Manickson and Lele!  Perhaps you are thinking we put word out, conducted interviews, gave them the “test,” etc. but that is actually not the case.  They were placed here for us by our ultimate Provider.  We simply listened to the tug on our hearts, and took them for all God has made them to be!

Meet Manickson (23 years old):  
Manickson is a natural leader with a father’s heart (I should also mention that he cooks like nobody’s business!)  He was immediately interested in the vision of Footprints of the Son.  He is our landlord’s brother-in-law, so he has every reason to keep our house safe and protected.  Medjina (our 17 year old outreach girl) is one of his relatives, so there was already a fostered love for special needs children as well.
Manickson is trustworthy and full of life.  Christ-tcherry adores him and vice versa.  He is attentive to Peterson’s needs as well, and actually takes pride in knowing how to meet Peterson’s every need!  We have been able to watch his attitude and love with the two boys, and through that we see the joy that God has put in his heart for these precious children.  He wants this opportunity, and is willing to work hard to be part of the ministry. 
Meet Lele (18 years old):
Lele is sweet, gentle, and compassionate.  When we first moved into our home, Papito noticed a young man pacing the village street studying and memorizing his lessons for school at 6am every morning!  When Papito approached him, he shared that his name was Lele and he was putting himself through school in the afternoons.  He asked Papito to consider his mom for a job if we ever needed someone. 

God had different plans, we would take on Lele!  We started out just paying him when we needed him and seeing how his school schedule would work in with our needs.  The rest is history; we can’t imagine not having him as part of our ministry.  He has a humble spirit, and lives right on this street so he relates to our community in big ways!  One elderly neighbor who has known Lele his whole life told us, “Lele is a good boy.  He always has been so kind and has never had trouble with anyone.  He is a friend and well loved by everyone.”  We couldn’t have asked for a better recommendation. 

We are really enjoying “training” these two young men.  We are growing right alongside of them as well.  We pour into them spiritually, and they pour into us through their servant hearts.  We have been able to pay them a very fair wage for their time and commitment (they both are choosing to bless their families abundantly…Lele bought a cow with his first month’s pay!) They are so grateful to be part of Footprints of the Son, and we are so thankful that God placed them here for us.  He is showing us the importance of “training advocates” BEFORE ministry begins, and we are grateful for this time.  A standard is being set, and we are expecting to only serve with a “spirit of excellence” which excites us.  Please join us in prayer for these two young men as well as our family as we step into the next chapter of this journey…