Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christ-tcherry (Miracle Baby!)

Although, I wish I had more time to write and update everyone, I am crunched for time today.  So, the goal is to get this blog out today to get people praying for this little miracle boy!  Many of you already know Papito and Christ-tcherry's story and how they have impacted my life forever.  We were scheduled to come to the Dominican Republic for medical care in November, but because of events with my health, we had to come a month earlier.  It has been evident that everything has been in God's timing as it has all worked out relatively smoothly.  (it could have been a very rough road)

We have been here for 9 days doing a lot of outpatient medical stuff (doctor consults, testing, lab work, etc.)  All the doctors have been wonderful as they are working with Peterson, Christ-tcherry, and myself.  Christ-tcherry was seen by a neurologist last week, and we were referred to an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon for his Tonsilectomy surgery where he will also have his tongue "clipped."  The surgeon looked at his X-ray and was appalled by what he saw.  Parts of Christ-tcherry's airway are only the size of a needle where it should be the size of a pen cap all the way through.  This is causing major respiratory problems for Christ-tcherry and he is being deprived of more and more oxygen every day.  The surgeon said at best we have up to a year to get this surgery done before his airway closes completely.

I do not tell you all of this as a "sob" story, but mainly for facts and proof of God's perfect timing!  All the doctors believe that this will be a life saving surgery for Christ-tcherry and that he will begin to really thrive after it.  Because we came a month early, I had not had time to fundraise for this surgery, and am asking if you will consider contributing directly to his surgery.  I have been able to cover most of our other expenses by a generous initial donation of $1,100.  This is what really prompted me to "go out on a limb" and seek all the medical attention needed at this time (in the long run, saving money.)

Tomorrow, I have to pay $1,800 for Christ-tcherry's surgery, one night hospital stay, and tissue biopsy. I am believing in faith that the funds will come in...I have to!  The Lord has guided me thus far, and I know it is in His will for this precious boy to get this care.  The hospital has been so generous in making us a "package" deal where a huge deposit is not needed.  Christ-tcherry's surgery will be done at 7am on Tuesday morning.  His dad (Papito) and I will be with him.  Peterson will come visit once he is out of recovery and in a regular room.  The two boys have become very close over the past 9 days...their bond is sweet!

If you would consider donating to Christ-tcherry's surgery, please let me know and I will let you know how best to do so considering your needs as well.  Everyone can pray, so please keep Christ-tcherry and his daddy in your prayers this next week.  Their bond is precious and something unheard of (even in the states!)  We really have felt much love, and are blessed beyond measure to have you along with us for this exciting journey.

I will keep everyone updated as well as I can via Facebook, and hoping for a "PRAISE REPORT" blog afterward!