Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back Home in Haiti

I have been back in Haiti for less than two weeks, and my heart has already been broken, mended, and filled. The reality is setting in that I will be continuing without my little Jean in my arms, but it is evident that my love for him remains. I am inspired by my little missing piece to keep on loving and making these sweet little hearts VISIBLE!

My first day back in Haiti, I walked onto the property of Danita's Children and saw beautiful Fitson sitting in his stroller. Our eyes locked and he started crying. He doesn't cry very often, but he remembered me and wanted me to not waste another minute. He wanted to be picked up, held, spun around, thrown up in the air, etc. Needless to say, within seconds, he was in my arms giggling. I then went to get my sweetheart, Peterson. I picked him up and put his head on my shoulder. It was now my turn to cry. A week before I came back, I received news that Peterson was very sick after aspirating so I had been worried about him. I had been praying hard for this little guy, so it was quite overwhelming to see that God had answered my prayers so quickly. Peterson looked very good.
The day continued, and I had the chance to see each of my special kiddos and I was able to thank my amazing staff who had done such a incredible job of taking care of them while I was away. One of the highlights was picking up Carlos, squeezing him tight, and telling him that Mami Heather was back! He started bawling and just snuggled into me to show me that he missed me. I could not have asked for a better welcome back...I truly felt the presence of God's love surrounding me, and that is all I needed to know that everything was going to be OK.

I also had the opportunity to check on some of the special needs children that live in the surrounding village with their families. I delivered food to Julie and her children who live in a scary and dark world due to their genetic blindness. They are always so grateful. I saw Chivensky who has hydrocephalus at church with his young mother who loves and adores him. Smiling Jacob has greeted me with a hug on the street every day since I have been back, and tiny Derline has stolen my heart! These children continue to be my heroes.

This past week, I was able to start the preschool/special needs program up again. A temporary new space will be set up soon for them, and then the fun will really begin. The children were just so happy to be singing their songs again, playing with their Legos, and listening to some of their favorite books (including Chika Chika Boom Boom and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.) The little blind boy from the village, Givensky, has started coming to our preschool and he has really enjoyed it. When I asked him how old he was he stated that he was old enough to be in my class but not old enough to leave. I guess he likes it! Their smiles continue to bring JOY to my heart, and their hugs bring LOVE.

The week was concluded with the pouring of the first floor's roof to the special needs home. This home is going to bring so much visibility to the worth of special needs children in Haiti. My heart is always filled with excitement when thinking of these children having their own home that is going to adapt to their capabilities. I just know that they are going to thrive and exceed their potential with the completion of the home. God is so great!