Friday, October 22, 2010

Carlos, How I Love You So...

This blog is dedicated to little Carlos, our newest addition at Danita’s Children. Danita was contacted by another organization in Haiti to see if we would be willing to take Carlos into our home because he has special needs (after observing him, I believe he is a child with Autism.) He has been with us for about a month now, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have Carlos in my life. He is my little buddy, my little monkey, and God’s little special one…

25 Reasons Why I Love You...
1) Above all, I love you because God loves you!
2) I love how you laugh easily
3) I love how your cry has a little giggle in it
4) I love that you are a challenge of patience
5) I love when I rock you to sleep, you often give a little fight first
6) I love when you start to fall asleep, you press your little lips against the skin of my arm
7) I love that you trust me so much that you will just fall into my lap knowing that I will catch you
8) I love that you give me warning signs when you have had enough
9) I love the fact that you have such a good throwing arm even if you are throwing something you are not suppose to
10) I love how you find so much fun in life
11) I love how you show the other children to love kids that are a bit different
12) I love that you teach tolerance
13) I love the fact that you can go from sad to happy within seconds
14) I love how you put your arms up and whimper for me to pick you up
15) I love how you are strong willed and sometimes down right stubborn
16) I love you because you have been made perfect in the eyes of God
17) I love how you run so cute with your little marching steps
18) I love how you are scared of the little rocking horse in preschool
19) I love that I know you like to eat rice, beans, and spaghetti but hate tuna, cheese, and peanut butter
20) I love that you eat your spaghetti with your fingers because the spoon just doesn’t quite work right
21) I love how you eat your rice and beans with two hands (one hand holds your spoon and the other hand holds your food!)
22) I love when you knock fists with everyone you see
23) I love going down the playground slides with you
24) I love that you like to chase chickens
25) I love your little happy foot shuffle dance you do when you get excited (especially when you see me)

I love that there are at least 100 more reasons to love you, little monkey…

Welcome to our special family, Carlos. You are loved more than you will ever know.