Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Complete Perfection

There are some things I understand, there are some things I will understand, and there are some things I will never understand…

Today, I write about something I will never fully understand. I often ask God, “Why do you let me care for your most precious jewels on Earth?” With this I mean, the special children that He has designed to complete perfection. Often people think these children are lacking, but I do not believe they are lacking anything…in fact, I believe they have something “extra.” They have something that sets them apart, they have something that makes them different, they have something that I wish everyone could see

A seed of love was planted in my heart when I was a young child for individuals with special needs, both children and adults. I have always loved helping people and making them smile. My life has been surrounded by opportunities to be with special needs children. At my elementary school, I helped with the special needs preschool. At dance, I assisted the Dance Abilities class which I later taught for seven years. In college, I took class notes for students with visual and hearing impairments, and I even danced at the Special Olympics. The list goes on and on, but I have never been more honored or blessed than I am in my life right now…

I no longer have to wait for once a year, once a month, or once a week to come along to be with these precious children. Every single day I am at Danita’s Children, I am in their world and this brings me much joy and happiness. Their sweet faces light up my life, and their innocence warms my heart. They have been hand crafted, individually made, and sculpted to a simple pureness like no other. These children have been placed in my hands, and I am undeserving of this honor. I take this great honor with a humbled heart, and I live my days with His grace alone. There are many moments during the day that I should not know what to do, but I find that Christ takes me by the hand and guides me along the way. I am simply amazed that I have been trusted with the most gentle, sweet, and loving spirits that exist here on Earth. These children are truly angels placed along my path…

I am encouraged daily by my little angels to keep doing what God has put in front of me. I pray for so many blessings for these children. My wish is that they will exceed all expectations put in front of them; I hope that they will become ambassadors of their great God, and above all, I pray that they will feel loved every day of their life!

Jean, Fitson, Denise, and Rose Mica…Mami Heather loves you more than words can express! You are truly my inspiration. I adore you with my whole heart, and I thank you for being such amazing, beautiful, and special children. You are complete perfection!


  1. So beautifully & well expressed! Thank you for the encouragement. When Andrew was a baby the Lord showed me this, but life has a way of creeping in & a reminder is often required : )

  2. I don't know you, but I led a team to Danita's right after the earthquake and was there when Jean and many of the others arrived. One of my friends and teammates, Nathan, held Jean in his arms and just cried, praying for him.
    I've always wished I had the "seeing" eye that you do for those with special needs. Just know that who you are is incredible and I can't thank you enough for all you've done for these children. It was so great to see Jean grow teeth and hold his head up. I love reading all the updates on the children.
    Thank you!