Sunday, February 26, 2012

Change - He Gives and Takes Away

I write today because I’m entering a season of change, and I want to share with my friends and family what my next step is going to look like. It is going to be beautiful from the inside out, it is going to need immeasurable amounts of love, and it is going to bring so much JOY to this journey called LIFE! A step of faith, for sure, but isn’t that what we are called to do as followers of Christ?

I was just starting to get comfortable with what I was doing here in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. I finally knew how to navigate on a taxi around the village to do home visits, I figured out how to dodge the wheelbarrows at the border, I was just getting good at my medical gestures and “Spanglish” at the clinics when a child was sick, and a month ago I learned the last few Creole verses of one of my favorite songs in church! God, why would you ask me to move now? I’m just getting it…

Well, God doesn’t want us to get comfortable. He wants us to rely on Him for everything, so He is leading me away for His glory. At the end of March, I will be moving to St. Louis du Nord, Haiti to dedicate at least a year to the Miriam Center at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. I went for a three week visit in January, and knew within the first couple of days that God was calling me to serve these gorgeous children of His.

During my three week visit, I had so many emotions running through my body. My heart immediately went toward the children that are physically and mentally so broken, the ones that many do not see worth in, the ones that seem to have nothing to give back, the ones that are so fragile they could literally break, the ones that have drool dripping down from their sweet mouths, the ones who do not see, the ones who do not hear, the ones who do not have a voice, the ones who do not walk, and the ones who can just lay there and hope that their very basic needs will be met even if they can’t cry out. Oh what a calling to serve these precious children! What an honor to be “mommy” to them! What a joy to truly take care of angels here on Earth!

While I was at the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, we were having nightly devotions and we were singing “Blessed Be Your Name.” Tears began to fall from my eyes as I held tiny Peterson in my arms and we were singing the part that says, “He gives and takes away...” How true this statement has been in my whole life, but especially these past two years in Haiti. He has always given so much, and He has continued to take away as well. It is a reminder that everything is in His hands and in His time. At that moment, I went into prayer thanking our blessed Father for giving me these sweet children. I thanked Him for placing Jean in my arms two years ago, and I thanked Him for giving me little Peterson before taking sweet Jean home. I knew at that moment, He was placing these children of the Miriam Center in my arms. He was asking me to step out and take care of them. He was saying, “serve me, and I will give to you.” I know that it is likely that I will see some of these children taken away as well, but my heart will still say YES! I will not be afraid of death and I will not be scared to hold them and love them with my whole heart. Just like the Lord holds the hearts and souls of these children, He holds me too.

You may wonder what this move means, so I will briefly share what the Lord has put in my heart…

- It means I will become a loving mother to 23 very severe and fragile special needs children on a daily basis (8 babies and some outreach children will be included as well.)

- It means that I will be working alongside of some very sweet Haitian men and women that already have a love for these children. I will be able to train them more specifically on the needs of these children. I will do this through example, much love, and gentle guidance.

- I will be serving alongside of many missionaries who are already advocating for these children. They see the need, and they are welcoming me with open arms. We will work as a team, and we will encourage and support one another through it all.

- A bridge is being built for special needs children across Haiti between Danita’s Children and Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. Danita and the missionaries at Danita’s Children are supportive and encouraging to this calling upon my heart. They are my family, and that bond will always be there. I will visit and check-in on the children and this brings peace to my heart. It is certainly not a goodbye, but a see you later!

- Peterson and Carlos will be joining me in this move! Peterson will be with me all day in the Rou’s Corner portion of the Miriam Home and Carlos will be with the higher functioning section of the Miriam Home where he will attend school five days a week with children just like him. I am excited to see Carlos transition in this new environment. It will allow the two of us to remain close as God has certainly fostered a mother/child relationship between us. I couldn’t imagine leaving him behind…it just seems right to bring him along!

Sandley (the 14 month old baby suffering greatly with spastic quadrapeligia) will also be part of Rou’s Corner. His father passed away two weeks ago, and his mother is unable to care for and meet his numerous needs.

- Christ-tcherry and his widowed father, Papito will also be moving to St. Louis du Nord. They will remain together, but Papito will be working as a taxi driver for the Miriam Center while Christ-tcherry has a safe place to be during the day. I couldn’t have asked for a better scenario for these two!

*That’s how God works…everything that anyone could have ever worried about, He already had planned out.*

Thank you for continuing to support and encourage me as I serve the special needs population of Haiti. It is truly where my heart is. I appreciate each of you, and the way you have joined the journey with me. I couldn’t do it without your love. I pray many blessings upon each of you. Please feel free to ask me more about how you can get involved in this move by emailing me at or contacting me via message on Facebook (Heather Meyer.)

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  1. Heather, I'm a bit behind in blog reading so am just learning of this today. I'm sorry that I missed you last year when I was at Danita's Children and wasn't able to meet you in person. However, between your blog and fb, I have come to know you and your heart. I know you will be a wonderful mami to the new children and will bless their lives.